Battery won't hold

Ok, this has to be a defective device. I purchased this Clip Sport 5 days ago. I have yet to use it because every time I try to turn it on, the battery is dead! . I will charge it during the day, put in my drawer to use the next morning; go to use it and it’s dead! How can the battery be draining if the device is off? Another issue I have noticed the last two times I went to charge it; I will put it on charger for cpl hrs just to get some juice so I can use it but when I disconnect it from the computer, ‘transferring’ appears on the screen and will NOT go away until I reset the device.  I have another SanDisk MP3 player that I have not used in 4 yrs (yes, 4yrs); I turned it on over a week ago to see if it still works; guess what, it STILL has battery life & works!. What in the world?? I really like to use the old one but I can’t find the model # on it to purchase a new charge cable so I bought this Clip Sport. I’m not liking this device so far. Any suggestions before I return it back to the store?

Really sorry about the troubles with your new device.

One idea before you return it to the store:

       Under Settings -> System Settings -> Power Saver, select “5 mins” and press the center-select button.

       You can manually turn the player off by pressing the center-select button for 2 secs.

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Oh wow, wish I saw this literally 2 mins ago. This morning, I’m waking up to see it’s dead again & since I had not seen a response on here, I decided to return it to the store later today and  have already wiped the device clean. I came bk to the forum to see if I could delete this post and saw your response.  I plan on doing an exchange, and will follow these steps. Thanks.

Another battery-saving feature for while you are using the player.

Settings -> System Settings -> Backlight -> “15sec”. Then press the center-select button.

    Other backlight “on” times include 30, 45 60, 90 secs.

It does sound as though you got a defective unit. It happens. Best to return it and get another that will work properly.

It could be that or it could be that your battery is just toast. Try this experiment one day that you dont need your phone. Charge the battery fully. Take it out of the phone. At the end of the day put it back in the phone see if it has a charge left. If it doesn’t the battery is done. If it does then your phones is indeed sucking power from the battery while supposedly off.

Turning any battery operated device off would help conserve energy and life, but heat or extreme cold may result in lowered battery life as well. Any battery usage with the phone turned off would be very minimal and you should not see any noticeable difference in remaining battery life. If you do either the battery is beyond its lifespan or is damaged and should be replaced.

Tapeworm, I did an exchange and now realize it def was a defective device. The new player feels heavier; the other one felt extremely cheap. The new device has not lost any charge since the xchance 3 days ago and is working great ! No problems with ‘transferring’. I’m so happy now :slight_smile:

Sounds almost as if

something that was supposed to be in the original player wasn’t there . . . .

Mikerman, I agree; think something was definitely missing. Can’t believe the difference in the feel