Battery too low - shutdown system

Hey Guys!

3 Months ago i bought the sansa fuze @amazon. after 2 weeks i lent it to my sister, and she couldnt plug in the fuze on the right way. she gave it to me and when i plug in the fuze, on the screen stands, that the battery too low is an the system will shutdown. 

after 20 or 30 seconds it is booting again, but it shutdown again! (and again and again…)

how can i load the battery? tips? 


(btw: sorry for my bad english)

Call 1-866-SANDISK and get it repaired (or probably replaced). You have a one-year warranty, and you should have a proof of purchase from Amazon.

Your sister didn’t, perhaps, plug it into an iPod cord, did she? That sends power to the wrong connectors and fries the Sansa.