Battery seemingly dies quickly with poorly attached SD card?

I was having problems with the battery life of my player (e250v1 running Rockbox) being really short (like 1 hour versus 15 or so).  After playing with it for a while I noticed that my 4GB SDHC card wasn’t being recognized.   So, I popped it out and popped it back in and the battery life seems to be back to normal now. 

Has anybody else noticed that?  I thought it would be helpful to post this in case I’m not the only one.

that totally makes sense- the sansa was probably working overtime trying to figure out what’s on the card.

I had a (almost sorta) related issue with a Cisco router (router A) a few weeks ago: it’s CPU was running overtime. Working so hard, in fact, that it couldn’t do simple tasks we asked it to do.  Turns out a network cable going to another router (router B) had been pinched and was shorted out. It kept trying to figure out how to talk with Router B that it couldn’t do anything else. Router B was fine!

-Replaced the cable and Router A’s problem went away, and they were then able to talk to each other just great.