Battery questions

1- Does the battery charge will automatically stop when it is 100% completed? Or will it continue to charge after the charge is completed (then doing an overcharge, and damaging the battery)?

2- I got an AC charger to charge the sansa clip on a wall outlet.  Will the recharge stops automatically too?

3- What is the charging time?

4- Will the charging time be the same with the AC charger then with the computer, or can it be faster?

Thank you very much for your answers.  I can’t find them on the user manual and on the FAQ.

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  1. after a full charge charging will stop and go in to trickle charging and will not cause overcharging or battery damage.

  2. yes same behavior

  3. 3 1/2 hrs

  4. faster from ac

Thank you very much for answering to all my question with so much precision.  I appreciate a lot!!!

Note: I think that trickle charging do produce some damage on the battery since it still be “overcharging”

There is a microprocessor chip in the battery pack(as with most).  It’s purpose is to regulate the the amount of juice coming into the battery.   If this chip weren’t there, the battery would explode shortly after reaching full charge.  When it reaches full charge the trickle charge is well below what the battery can safely dissipate as heat.  The “damage” you refer to would be so small as to be nearly unmeasurable.  There is a finite lifecycle to all battery packs.  This “damage” will be very gradual and not present a problem until the warranty expires.(ha ha)  Seriously, just enjoy the thing, charging is ■■■■■ proof.  To get the max life out of it, don’t let it discharge below 18% if you can avoid it.  That same microchip will shut the pack down to prevent complete discharge, which would do some real damage to the capacity.  My laptop stays plugged in 24/7, I’ve had it for 3 years and when I do run off of battery power, I don’t notice any difference in runtime as when it was new.  So don’t worry.

Thank you CrustyVet!!!

How much mah does the battery have?

I mean myself to remind, that I have read something in the Internet little bit under 400 mAh ( 3,7 V Lithium Ion Accu)

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Thanks cymen!

I’m confuse.  You said that it’s a lithium ion (Li-ion) battery while others on this forum are saying that it’s a Lithium ion polymere (Li-po)…

A question to people from Sansa : Can you just give us these specifications since it is usually always given with this kind of product from other companies, and considering the fact that there are so many people on this forum who would want to know it!!??

  • What kind of battery? (Li-ion?, Li-po?)

  • How much mAh

  • How much voltage

  • etc.

Thank you

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Finally your information isn’t right.

I had check on a web site dedicated to batteries.

Here’s what I’ve been told :

With a Li-Po battery, the current dops continuously during the charge and become very small at the end of the charge.  This small current shouldn’t be considered has a trickle charge.  Then, a trickle charge is really not good for a Li-Po battery because a small current charge produce a plating of the battery’s electrode and shortened the battery lifetime.  This is why Li-Po charging currents must be between C/3 and 1C.

Maybe drlucky is wrong and there no trickle charge, maybe he’s right and CrustyVet is wrong when he’s saying that trickle charge is safe.

I don’t believe that “charging is ■■■■■ proof” since, for example, we shouldn’t let the player discharge below 25% because it harms the battery.  If it was really ■■■■■ proof, the player would stop at 25% instead of 0%

Theres no trickle charge.  After the battery is topped off,  the charge is halted.

If you unplug and replug the player from the AC it will attempt to charge if the voltage is dropped from Full.  It will top off the battery as needed and shut off charging completely afterward.

At zero remaining charge there is a small margin left. If we stopped playing music at 25% your battery life would drop from 15 hours to  11 hours and nobody would like that.

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What kind of AC charger? I have a 5v–1A output charger I use for my iPAQ, Will this work?

Thanks for your help.

As answered in your other thread, it should be fine.

ooked up to the computer and it drains the sansaclip’s power to nothing does it recharge all over again if it has nothing ?

in short, the best percentage of the battery to charge would be?

Don’t let it go all the way down.  With these batteries and the lack of “recharge memory,” recharge at whatever percentage. 

ok. i just got confused between 18, 25, and 40%.:manhappy:

thanks for all the help

I tend to see the 40% figure–but I don’t recall if that relates to the current battery technology in the Clip or earlier battery technology (I tend to aim at that level). has good battery info. 

For lithium batteries such as in the Clips, says that random charging is fine–for storage, it recommends a 40% charge.  It also states that partial charging is preferred, and that full discharges should be avoided.

How does one recharge the battery?

@atherinejackson wrote:

How does one recharge the battery?

You’re kidding, right? :confounded:

@atherinejackson wrote:

How does one recharge the battery?

By reading the user’s manual.