Battery Question??

I just got a Sansa Fuze & have a few questions.  Is it better if I let the battery drain completly before recharging it or does it matter?  How do I get videos to the player? I assume I have to download them or something.

Thanks For Any Responses

The battery life will be good no matter what you do. If you want to condition it the first few charges–let it run down completely before recharging–go ahead, but if I remember correctly it’s unnecessary for the Li-Ion battery in the Fuze.

Videos need to be converted and formatted to fit the Fuze screen. You can use big, bulky Rhapsody or the Sansa Media Converter–which means installing the Updater, letting it download the coverter, and then deleting the Updater because there aren’t going to be any more updates.

Or you can get video4fuze:, a user-made converter that’s small and reliable. .