Battery low and power down

Have an 8G  FUZE and when I unplug it from the computer after charging it or adding songs, it gives me battery low message and powers off - before refreshing media … then I power on and battery is at 100% and works fine. What could this be? Could be a defective battery or just a glitch… seems to happen consistently… unless I turn it off before unplugging it from the usb cable - then it is fine… strange… any insight is appriciated.

Message Edited by nech770 on 12-04-2008 12:06 PM

Hmm,  did you try updating the firmware for this player?

it is running 1.1.15h - should I try just 1.1.15 without the hebrew? or just try installing again? When is the new firmware coming out?

I think its a hardware problem, so you might exchange it.

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ok thanks -this is the third one I am exchanging … I hope to have better luck- with this one…

first was returned DOA - wouldn’t power on 

Second had the headphone jack issue 

Now this one … 

Thanks for the advice