Battery life?

I have a new clip+ (4g) model.

I just returned the unit for a new unit, because of battery life…???

The documentation for the unit states a 15hr play time, must be nice… I got 6.5hrs listening to the radio.

I have has the unit plugged in for 2 1/2 days, continuous, with no improvement.

I had a used clip (basic model) with the same issue, thought it was the battery… being a used unit.


Battery life using the radio may be less than for playing mp3 files. Playing any other format besides mp3 gives less battery life. To increase battery life, set the equilizer to nuetral, turn the screen brightness to the lowest level, and and set the screen time to a low level. Don’t press buttons on the player too often. Battery life might improve somewhat after a few charge cycles.