Battery life very poor on 2 month old Clip+; defective?

I use my Clip+ exclusively with different SlotRadio cards. When I’m finished running (and I put the Clip+) in 2 Ziploc bags to protect it from sweat) it usually has about 3/4 charge left. This is from a full charge and a 1 hour and 45 minute run.  I then press the power button and see “Goodbye”. When I try to power it up again the next day it’s totally dead.

My question is this: when you power off the Clip+ after using a SlotRadio card, is it truly off? Does the Clip+ keep the SlotRadio card electrically alive? If I navigated to a regular .mp3 file in the main memory, started it, paused it, then shut it down would the battery not die in less than a day?

Yes, when the clip+ is turned off, everything is shut down.  Sounds like the battery is defective.  Contact Sandisk Support for a warranty replacement.  If you call them instead of emailing, you’ll get a quicker response.