battery life related to external memory?

I notice my battery isn’t all that great.  Does using the external memory drain the battery faster?  Also can I actually search and mp3 files according to folder. I really dont like ID3 tag navigation and playing.

I think the microsd card will not drain the battery that much more.  The Express only sees the ID3 tags.

If you use the buttons a fair bit then the battery will drain MUCH more quickly due to the power needed to light up the display. 

As for getting the Sansa to navigate by directory, I wanted to do the same thing.  After playing around a bit I found that I could put directories under the “Record” directory on the internal memory to more easily navigate to my podcasts.  I haven’t had a chance to test out all the features with it, so not sure if the Sansa Express includes files in the Record directory when playing Random, but it does NOT like having more than one level of directory under “Record”.

I don’t notice any real difference between having an SD card in and not.  I do tend to just start it playing on a specific band and let it play throughout the day though.  I rarely touch the menu after starting.  I get 6-8 hours on a charge before needing to recharge usually.