Battery Drain

Does anybody know what the approx battery span is when playing internet radio? I have been listening to it all night the past few nights and it seems to last about 6-7 hours. Now I know my battery is not in mint condition but I am wondering how far off it is.

If you are getting 6-7 hours on WiFi, that’s really good.  Mine is getting about 5-6 hours on WiFi.

Now for my question…

Just recently (like yesterday) my Connect has started to drain the battery and turn itself off, even when I am on USB power (I’ve got the little bolt next to the battery).  Yet, it drains.

Any ideas why this might be happening?  Any solutions to fixing it?


I turn mine off and charge with the wall charger. It usually charges up in about 3-3.5 hours from about 25% left. And an FYI, I have the back light timer at 5 seconds and as dim as possible.

WiFi uses a lot of power.  If you’re getting 6-7 hours, you’re doing better than most.