Battery discharged after upload songs

Hi… I had the battery totally full (by a wall charger) and I conected the clip to  pc usb port to load some songs (6 or 7 only). After, I disconnected the usb cable (before I close usb icon on the pc via “safety diconection”) and the battery indicator on clip turn “empty”.

I’d like know how is the correct way to load songs and no discharge the batery, or if it is possible no charge via usb (like PSP).My clip has 2 month and the firmware is updated. Never had failed before.



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I always try to use the safely disconnect icon–just a good habit I got into, in case something is running that I’m not aware of.

I wonder if your battery icon just is goofy right now–I’d try to reconnect and then disconnect again (using the safely disconnect icon) and see if that corrects things.

I don’t know why it would indicate empty, but you should verify the power state in settings. If battery is ok, you will probably have to run the battery down then charge and hope that calibratates the indicator. If the battery is in fact discharged you will have to look further. It’s always better to use the ‘safely remove hardware’ function of windows even if most times it doesn’t seem to do any harm not to do so.

Hi Mikerman!


Thanks for your answer. I always disconect the usb with the "safely disconnect icon". I have recharged the clip with the ac charger. It was charging during 2,5 hours, like if the bat would be empty. But I think that the bat was full.

 I'll be careful with this in the next reloads.


Thanks again