Battery charging

Hi…hope you all can help.  I have had my Sansa Clip for 6months and love it.  Use it for audio books.  I have always been able to recharge battery by connecting to my computer.  This time, it will not get past the connected screen and will not charge.  Any ideas?

First Try a Different USB port. If that doesnt fix it go out and get an AC adapter (one you can plug into the wall) and try that. Also and I havent tested this my self but some people have talked about using Motorola Razor Chargers for the clip, If you choose this Just be really careful.

Thanks. Changing the USB port was unsuccessful.  Will try and get an AC adaptor.

One other thing to Try os to do a soft reset. Push the power switch up and hold if fot 15-20 seconds. See if that helps.