Battery charging

I have been reading with interest how to get the Clip to operate.  I can’t find it under My Computer either.  However, my first problem is that I cannot get the silly thing to even charge the battery.  I have had it plugged into the port all day.  All it says is the battery is low.  How do I charge it???  Thanks

I have the same exact problem…

Me too!  Whenever I have plugged anything into my USB ports, I always get the bubble with the message ‘could work more efficiently with a high speed USB port’.  When I was going through the SanDisk site and user manual, it does say that you may have problems if you don’t use a high speed USB port.  Hence, I’m wondering if this is why our Clip isn’t charging as my was connected for 8 hours and still says low battery.

Anyone with more knowledge than I (can’t be difficult) who can comment on this theory or tell me how to find out what speed the USB ports I have run at?

Bloody thing is driving me crazy!

I’m having same problem…Someone please direct us what to do.

yeah i just got mine and i’m having the same problems :confused:


also it kept taking me through the setup process

VERY annoying

in need of GUIDANCE!

Do you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11?  It won’t show up in My Computer unless you have XP SP2 (or newer, e.g. XP SP3 RC, Vista) AND at least Windows Media Player (WMP) 10, though 11 seems to work better. 

Try the back USB ports on Desktops (I know, the supplied cable’s really short, but most digital camera cables will do).  Also, try a different computer if possible. 

Funny how after Christmas there are so many more posts.  :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas! 

You might not have Windows XP SP2 with WMP10 or later.  Now if you have all the requirements, here is one little thing you can try.  Format your device using Format option under your Settings in your device.  After format and try again to see if it works.  And remember to upgrade to the new firmware to get the USB mode option so you can choose between MTP and MSC. 

Firmware link:

Thank you for all the help.  I do have XP SP2 but do not have media player 10 or 11. I’ll get that soonest.  I did get the battery to take a little charge and have formatted the thing. I’ll see if upgrading the media player makes a difference…  Thanks again!