battery charging time

hi, I’ve just charged my fuse for the first time and it took over three hours. Immediately after charging I connected it iback to my lap top to put some tunes on when the battery started to pulse again. It did not stop pulsing for a further 2 hours making a total charge time of 5 hours. Could this damage my battery as the manual states it should  be fully charged after 3. many thanks

Nah The Fuze turns off the circutry to the battery once its charged. And keep in mind you player likes to be charged more often than its run down. I charge mine when it gets down to 50% or so. Also make sure your laptop is plugged in and not in a powersaver mode. Sometimes powersaver turns down the power to the USBs and can cause longer charge times.

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many thanks.

I wouldn’t worry about it. The Fuze’s charging circuitry slows the charging rate down to a trickle the nearer it gets to a full charge. When it reaches 100% (or very close to it) the charging will stop, preventing over-charging.

 My cell phone does a similar thing. After it shows completely charged, I can un-plug it, then plug it back right back in and it will charge some more, essentially ‘topping it off’.

many thanks