battery charges on computer but not A/C wall adapter

Have searched the forums and can’t seem to find this problem. Am new to the MP3 having purchased my first, the clip. I also purchased a compatible A/C adapter from WalMart. I had no problem at all charging with my computer, but could not charge with the wall adapter or my re-charger with my (or my husband’s) Motorola cell phone. The clip would come on for about 15 seconds then shut off. It never read “connecting” during those 15 seconds as it did on the computer. Has anyone else encountered this? Any helpful hints?


The Clip behaves differently when on a charger instead of hooked to a PC.  You won’t see a “connected” message.  Also the screen will turn off while it charges.  The indication that it is charging is that the battery icon should be in motion showing the charging process.  You can press the center button to turn the screen back on.

Thank you so much for this info.  It explains everything.  It seems that I have been charging all along!