Batteries Should Be Updated For The Future.

I think someone / organization should set a New World Order / standard for batteries.

I have a C250 and the battery is starting to loose it’s life, now as anyone who owns a C250 or any electronics these days knows you can’t just go down to any store and buy a new battery ( most likely have to try Ebay). And that’s not right.

In the ~old~ days you had D, C, A, AA, AAA, AAAA, 9V, etc.

It would be nice if new standards in size, design and volts would be set for rechargeable batteries - that would cover EVERYTHING from Notebooks down to a C250 and or smaller.

And it’s not that hard, the standards (size, shape, volts, etc) would be set and manufacturers would design the item to accept whatever power supply(ies) would be required - just like the old days. And it would not matter what the ingredients of the battery would be Li-polymer, NiMh, etc.

The problem of course is that, it is in the electronics manufacturers best interest that you buy a new ‘what ever’ rather than just buying a new  rechargeable power supply.

Still it would be nice to have new standards for rechargeable power supplies for the future. Instead of having these electronics manufacturers REINVENT the wheel EACH and EVERY time! Then you could just go to any store and pickup those batteries!

That would be nice, except that my notebook (I don’t want to pull the battery out while I am using it!) is way more than necessary for a DAP. Most small portable electronics run 3~5volts and my notebook runs upwards of 10.8volts. I don’t know too much about batteries but I do know that that would kill my poor sansa. It also would NOT fit inside the tiny casing. The benefit of batteries the way they are is that manufacturers can make a device any size/shape they want. If you had to set a standard, everything would be the same shape/size. I sure as hell don’t want my sansa any more related to an iPod than it already is.

While its a good idea, its not really practical.

I just use AC Delco car batteries for everything.

Works great for my Fuze and mini-mag flashlight.

Chuck Yeager would applaud you, no doubt.  Or would Tim Allen?

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

This guy certainly would!

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