Basic (?) Clip Zip Questions

  1. Is it possible to change the order of the songs in my GoList?

  2. How do I back up my songs on my Clip Zip to my computer (Windows Media Payer)? Specifically, I would like to get a couple of music clips that came from the factory on my Clip Zip copied to WMP.

From another forum I have learned that you can’t change the order of songs in your GoList. :angry: I’m assuming this is correct.

Can anyone answer my original #2 question?

@urbanrunner wrote:


Can anyone answer my original #2 question?


The factory-installed ‘sample’ songs are loaded in MTP mode. Since your computer can only see files loaded in one mode at a time, you’ll need to set the player to MTP mode and then connect to yor computer. You should then be able to find these songs and copy them to your hard drive with no problem. Just drag & drop them to the library that WMP looks at, usually your ‘My Music’ or ‘Music’ folder (depending on your version of Windows.

Remember to reset your player to the USB mode you were using before. However if it was Auto Defect, you won’t have to, as it defaults to MTP mode anyway.