Barely month old, and dead

I hate that my first post is about my dead Fuze…

It happened a few minutes ago, while I was listening, it went silent. So I thought it just ran out of battery, and grabbed the sync cable to charge it. To my dismay, it does not charge anymore.

I am from the Philippines and I doubt if there is Sansa support locally. I’m filing for RMA at where I got the unit, but the shipping expenses will be as costly as the unit itself.

May I have other suggestions? Sansa guys, what are my options?

Guess you’ve tried resetting it?

Weee! It’s alive!

I swear I did the reset earlier (maybe I’m counting too fast, too depressed or whatever) and nothing happened. I did the reset again with the cable connected to it, and it worked!!


Cheaper than an RMA…!

If it keeps happening, note which tracks, because it may be the Fuze a problem with those particular files.

Also, maybe worth upgrading the firmware if it continues to be a problem.

Definitely! :slight_smile:

I updated my firmware to 2.01.17P the night I got my unit, after playing with the older firmware for a while.

Alright, thanks again for that tip, duly noted.



Im also in the philippines. I have just researched that sansa player are good when it comes to sound quality

especially the clip, im not sure of the other variations, like yours which is the fuze.

Anyway tanung ko lang kung saang store nakakabili nyan. kasi sa sm megamall cyberzone wala.

nakakapagud din maghanap eh, puro ipod binibenta nila…

Maraming(2x) salamat. hope to read your reply…

Are you from cavite? if you want i will but your sandisk., is that a fuze one?

^ sorry its ( i will buy your sandisk)

Guys, my Fuze has been perfect since, and it’s not for sale.