Barbie Goes Gaga

I can’t really add anything, you’ll just have to see this for yourself . . .

I do love the strategically placed electrical tape though. That’s quite the fashion statement. Saw Rhianna sporting this in her latest video, Hard just this morning [WARNING: R-rated]. Love the pink tank and Mickey Mouse Ears helmet! But I digress . . .

Ever wonder what the “Lady” would look like without all those platinum wigs and make-up? Brace yourself . . . it’s not a pretty sight.

Can you say D’yer Maker?

Oh my! :dizzy_face:

The link took me to a malware site.  Funny thing is that the screen showed me the running counts of all the trojans etc it found in the usual places like the C drive, my documents etc while it scanned even though I’m using a Linux computer.

I just tried all 4 links and they worked fine. Which one did you have trouble with? Might’ve been a fluke. My browser gets hi-jacked occasionally by somewhere claiming my system is infected with all kinds of nasties, and starts an imaginary scan too. It’s a ploy to get you to sign up for whatever ‘protection’ they’re selling (that when you do, actually installs the ■■■■ they say they’re guarding you against). I just hit the back button to get out of it.

Oh My. And I thought my sister’s collection of green barbies was bad.