Band folders are getting combined

I was just wondering if anyone else was have the same issue with folders being combined. For example I have 2 folders on my internal memory that both contain music:



However if I browse to play all songs in a folder I have noticed that all music from both of these groups are contained in one Queen folder.

I have even made sure that the ID3 tag information was correct on all of the songs. Even pulling up the song info contains the correct band information. But why are these getting combined.

I can and have changed the name of one of the folders by adding a _ to the beginning and this separated them. However this then puts the folder out of order.

I loaded the latest firmware last night and am still having this same issue. Anyone else have this problem?

I guess that I could put one band on my internal memory and the other on the external memory but this still does not fix the main problem that I would like to see corrected.


It shouldn’t do that. Use mp3 tag and make absolutely sure the album field is the same for all files. You could even select all files (Ctrl+A) and retype just to make sure.

Whoops, typed too fast and answered the wrong problem. Just use mp3 tag to verify album fields are what you want. If the album fields are different the clip should create separate album names.

The weird thing is that I did verify that the MP3 tags were correct for the artist and album of both groups. I even verified version 1 and 2 just to play it safe. It is the weirdest thing. I guess that I will just do some more digging.


Did a little more testing on this issue and it looks like it is a firmware issue. Here is what I found

If in the same folder you have folders titled as such:


Queen of the Damned


All of the songs that are in these folders will be combined into one folder, usually the Queen folder. However if you make the following change:

rename Queen to Queen_

Now all folders will show up correctly.

Queen of the Damned and Queensryche will not combine because there is more text after Queen in both folder names.

I also tried this with the a different folder name and got the same results. I took the folder of the band Fish and created a new folder called Fishfood and just put in any song as such



All of the songs were in the Fish folder.

So as you can see this is an issue with the firmware on the MP3 player not correctly reading all of the folder information. I do hope that they can get this issue fixed as it is annoying.

I am also running the following configuration just in case it makes a difference:


Firmware: V01.02.13A

Thanks for helping and hopefully this issue will get noticed and fixed