Bag/Case, and capacity

In the picture from Cnet, they had a bag to keep the Fuze+ in. Why didn’t we get bags, or where can I get one? Also, why is the 16 GB model listed as only 14 or 15 GB on my computer?

apparently the bags were for press kits only. as for the capacity 14.7 is correct. this has to do with the way a MB is defined by storage manufactures vs how the OS defines a GB. you can look at your hard-drive and see the same thing. if you have for instance a 120GB hard-drive you will only have around 111GB of usable space. here is a knowledge base article about the capacity for reference. 

capacity explanation 

I have found camera cases as a good option for storing a player.

I picked up the case made for the Fuze+ by Handstands. I was skeptical of the responsiveness of the touchpad behind the plastic but I can report it works perfectly. There is no lag at at all. It was at Best Buy for around $25.