Baffled in song order and synching. What am I doing wrong?

I went with the Fuzw because I wanted a simple MSC and dont need the complexity of MTP.  Ipod drove me nuts with database driven tags and albums, etc.  I just want a basic MP3 player where I can drag and drop MP3 into folders and sort them easy.  Sansa Fuze closest so far, but even it tries to think to much.

Anyway in Media Player 11 I place 2 folders under Playlist: Songs and Talk Radio.  Into Songs I drag and drop a bunch of MP3s and into the Talk adio I drag a bunch more MP3’s of a radio show.  In that Talk Radio folder it allows me to order the the MP3s - draggin and dropping them in order I want them.

I Sync.  But on the Sansa under Music > Playlists the Folder show up there is nothing in the Talk Radio Folder.  Folder there but not the contents.  The Songs folder contains what I placed there in the Media Player folder.  I eventually find them under Podcasts.  And also the play sort order I created in Media Player playlist did not stick.

Any thought on if and how I can:

  1. Get the player to just consider the MP3s of talk radio as just MP3s and and leave them alone in Playlists?

  2. Can I remove all the Fuze folders and categories and sorting and juts have two simple folders of MP3s?

  3. Get sort order to stick?

Many, many thanks!

It is really very simple. I assume you have copies of everything on your pc.  First format the player using the player’s menu(settings, system settings, format). This will delete everything from the player. Next set the USB mode to MSC(settings, system settings, usb mode, MSC).

Connect the player to your pc. Use Windows Explorer(right click on Start, click on Explore) to copy and paste folders of files to your player. If you want to access them on your player in folder mode, choose music, folders, then the folder you want to play. Within the folder they will be sorted by filename. If you want them in a different order, then edit the filenames to add a numerical prefix, ie. 01_Songone.mp3, 02_Songtwo.mp3, etc.

The other way to get them in a specific order is to have them sorted by tags. When using tag sorting, files are grouped into albums, so all songs with the same album tag will be together as a unit. Within an album, the play order can be set using the track number tag. Number the tracks starting with 01, then 02, etc. the leading zero is important for them to sort properly. The free program mp3Tag mags tag editing easy.

The reason your podcasts were accesible via the podcast menu is that they have podcast for their gengre tag. Another way to get the player to recognize an mp3 file as a podcast regardless of the genre tag is to put it into the podcasts folder on the player.

One other thing. Don’t sync. Just copy and paste your files to the player. Syncing causes many problems and is best avoided.

Thanks JK!  That helps a ton.  Question.  After formatting it it still has all those folders just no content.  Can I safely just delete them all in Exlporer?

The folders that are left on the player(such as music, audiobooks, podcasts) after a format are generated by the player’s system. If you try to delete them, the player will just create them again.

Thanks.  Tried MP3 Tag but just couldnot get it to order  correctly.  Few others I tried were like rocket science as well.  Miss my old Crative MP3 player that you could just drag it and by dragging it it renamed the tags order for you ;^)  Im going to have rename all files  I guess using 001, 002, 003 .

“Thanks. Tried MP3 Tag but just couldnot get it to order correctly”

 In mp3Tag, just click on a column title, and it will sort the items based on that. Click again on that column title, and it sorts again in reverse order.  Then you could choose select all, then tools, autonumber. When autonumbering, make sure add leading zeros is checked.

Your old player didn’t even look at  tags. It just sorted based on filename. Tags take a bit of time to get used to. They are powerful, but it is easy to mess up with tags. Sorting by filename is okay when there are few files, but with hundreds or thousands of files, sorting by filename can be cumbersome. With tags, you can access songs in several ways-by Title, Artist, Album, genre, etc.