Bad service so far


Unfortunately the dial/jog on the sansa fuze broke so i contacted Sandisk to try and purchase the repair part to get my Fuze back to working condition only to find out that sandisk do not sell repair parts and will not sell me the part i need.

So if i can not get a repair part from sandisk is there anywhere that i CAN buy the part from ? i am certainly not going to pay an extortionate postage and repair fee for a job that a 2 year old could do , and if these things arent repairable ie the repair cost out weighs the cost of the item , i certainly wont be buying or recommending their products again, it seems a ridiculous business strategy to not off repair parts ???.

Any help would be appreciated ,    i am looking for the diamond shaped pad underneath the main circular dial and the main circular dial, everything else is fine .


Try getting a cheap dud from ebay, (labelled ‘spare/parts’ usually) and getting what you need from that.