Bad Remote - Sansa won't replace

After coming to the conclusion that I just got a bad remote (only works within a few feet of the unit, and then only sporadically), the Sansa tech told me that I would have to work with my retailer to replace the entire product.  While, they did say that if Amazon (my retailer) would not replace it, they would do so to keep good customer relations.  But why not just send a replacement remote and let me send mine back?

maybe the remote is part of 1 assembly (part number) and they can only RMA the entire thing. just a guess though. 

That could be, but it seems like they could find an internal workaround for such an issue.  They definitely wanted to make sure the problem was solved and indicated they would make it good if Amazon would not, but not in the most convenient way.

I’m guessing, but it sounds like SanDisk did not make any spare remotes.

I had similar issue with my remote, where it only worked sporadically.   This may sound odd, but I removed the Metal piece at the top of the remote (surrounding the Blue triangle play button) and the remote works great now.   They have the metal plate really glued on so be careful removing it and also it is a little time consuming to remove the leftover gunk left behind.

Now my remote works great.  I think the plate was interferring with the signal somehow.    Also replace the little battery in the remote.

That is terrific information, thanks!!