bad........really bad!!!!

well…till yesterday my device didnt work on my laptop(XP and wmp9) but it worked fine on my friend’s laptop(vista).

i’ve installed(and reinstalled) wmp11 in my laptop but still it doesn’t read my device.

i’ve installed the MTP porting kit from but in vain.

i’ve checked all the usb port,they’re fine.

the only change i can see on the device is that it is getting charged!!!thats it…nothing else…my computer doesn’t display anything regarding my device

can anyone plz help me…thanks in advance:)

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This is crearly not a problem with the device since you said that it is properly working on other computer.  first, we need to know if there’s anything wrong with the usb port.  does other device works when used with that port?  secondly, you might want to try to fully reset the device.  this is common with the connect.  just press and hold the power button for about 15 seconds and after that, try it again. 

the usb ports are good…and i did reset the device about 10-15 times without any positive result

If you can get ahold of another device that communicates via MTP, you could try it on your PC just to make sure that the problem is the MTP installation, and not something hardware-related. 

The MTP porting kit contains MTP test tools … you might want to try those.

But, I’ve seen other posts that imply that if you configure the MTP porting kit incorrectly, you can actually disable MTP on your PC.  So I would recommend uninstalling the MTP porting kit, and then reinstalling WMP 11.

nope…nothin’s workin…

Meaning you found another device that communicates via MTP, and it doesn’t work either?

no…its not that…i reinstalled wmp11 after uninstalling mtp porting kit…thats not helping

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no result mate…!!!

@vjr wrote:
no…its not that…i reinstalled wmp11 after uninstalling mtp porting kit…thats not helping

If you can find another device that communicates via MTP, see if it’s recognized on your PC.