Bad micro sd card?

Just bought a cz and started loading up my 32 gb micro sd card. What a pain! I’ve sent all day long trying to put music on this thing. It takes forever to transfer files and I’m constantly getting error messages for various files. The card won’t even register on my lap top. I thought maybe it might be my desktop computer but I have a regular 4 gb sd card and that seems to receive files ok. Also, I just put Star Wars A New Hope on the micro and when I went to click on the folder it was empty! Are these signs of a bad sd card? 

It could be.  Something is certainly not working right.

I would try reformatting the card using the SD Association’s reformatter–that could fix things.  Hopefully, the card is not defective or counterfeit, a possibility with cards nowadays.

Thanks for the reply! I followed your advice but I’m still having problems. I got an error that a file was corrupt but that same file transferred over to my regular sd card with no problem. I think I’ll send it back and try another one. Thanks.