Bacon? Frying? on my player?

G’Day all.

I have a Slotmusic player, and a Sandisk 1 gig card and have issues with one of them. I encode at 320 mp3, and on the outro of the song, I get an artifact like bacon frying. I have tried different cards, different headphones/IEHs, and nothing works. Has anyone had this problem? Heck, has anyone heard of this problem?

have not heard of this. does this happen on all tracks? if you change the bit rate does the same thing happen?

It seems to be on most tracks. Oddest thing…I have not tried different bit rates as my entire library is in 320 (6000 songs).

Try modifing your tags. It could be that the player is reading the tags on the song and you are hearing it. Since the Slotmusic has no display, I would strip the tags off of the songs on the player completely, and see what happens.