Backup Problem

New Cruzer Glide 16gb, I formatted it.

OS. Windows XP

Using Windows back-up utility I select folders to be backed-up, total estimated 10gb, start back-up, reach 4gb and back-up utility reports the tape is full.  I check properties on Cruzer and find approximately 12gb unused.

Is problem in Windows or the Cruzer?

Is problem in Windows or the Cruzer?”

“I formatted it.”

You formatted it as FAT32 which has a file size limitation of 4 GB.  You needed to format it as NTFS.

I thought the 4gb limit was to INDIVIDUAL files? Rather than cumulative size of back-up.

I know Windows 7 backup app supports doing an image backup of the C: drive which is certainly larger than 4GB.  I’ve never used the Windows XP backup app so I don’t know what it does.  Sorry.