backing up sansa fuze database with wmp11

If I reformat my hard drive i normally have to delete all the files on my sansa fuze and start over becuase it gives me an error message saying: “this player is allready associated with another library” and I have to delete all the files on it to be able to change it…

is there a way to backup the player DB so when I do reformat WMP11 acts like nothing happened? Please help asap becuase I might have to reformat soon. It is important becuase I have playlists where I deleted files from and I want to keep those files deleted on the player and be able to edit on the fly. does backing up the CurrentDatabase_360.wmdb and wmpfolders.wmdb work?

OS:Windows server 2008 R1 x64 SP2//windows media 11//sansa fuze 4GB default firmware

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is the info perhaps stored on the player itself… like in the wmpinfo.xml file or something like that? or another file?

I might have to wait and se but I’d rather know before hand. thanks.

It wouldn’t make sense to store the DB on the player.

The MS KB is typically thorough, and I wouldn’t try to outguess its instructions. But if it gives you more peace of mind, it doesn’t hurt by backing up whatever files you feel is necessary.