Back of fuze 8gb VIBRATES when plugged into my computer speaker's audio cable

i discovered that as soon as i plug in the audio cable from my altec lansing 2.1 speakers into the fuze, when i run my finger across the back of the fuze i can feel what I would describe as vibrations, or a small electric current pulsing as my finger moves across the back rubber casing. when my finger is still i won’t feel anything.

i hope this hasn’t damaged my fuze or it’s battery in any way. why would it do this? seems like quite a bad thing. should i not use my speakers with the fuze anymore?

Sounds more like you have a bad ground in your house’s electrical system. This problem goes far beyond a MP3 player and speakers…

If the only thing connected to the Fuze is the Altec Lansing speakers, it does sound like you have current leakage.  There may be a short in the AC adaptor for the speakers.  Unplug the AC adaptor and feel if the problem is corrected.

If so, DO NOT use the AC adaptor, and replace it.