awful experience trying to buy micro SD card

I want to buy a legitimate memory card that will work in my current phone and transfer to my next phone. I know what SDHC means, I know about Class  4-6-10, yet it’s been an awful, depressing experience. If someone from SanDisk is reading this, please get it to the desk of “Shuki Nir” Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing, and General Manager, Retail; he ought to care how terrible the experience is.

My Samsung Galaxy S III identifies as SPH-L710. Your “SanDisk Product Compatibility” for Samsung Mobile Phones does not list this. I finally figured out it’s probably the “Samsung Galaxy S III [USA] (L710/R530/R530C/I535)” , there’s an “L710” in there. It’s not your fault that the USA mobile carriers make handset manufacturers make special versions for them (the “SPH” probably is Sprint’s prefix for its phones), but you need to match the actual product name "SPH-L710."

Clicking “Samsung Galaxy S III [USA] (L710/R530/R530C/I535)” gives me a set of five “SanDisk Recommends” microSD cards, and a random unsorted list of “Other compatible SanDisk products”. The pictures of the memory cards are uselessly blurry , I can’t tell if the symbols on the cards are Class 4 or Class 6 symbols.

There’s no indication of why you recommend some and not others. There’s no indication what the difference is between the black SDSDQL-032G-G35 and the red SDSDQUA-032G-A46A , they’re both SanDisk Ultra cards.

I clicked the card descriptions to learn more, and found the red one is potentially faster. Because the page opened the “SanDisk Product Compatibility” in a popup window, it has no back button, users have to know to press Alt+left-arrow to go back.

Now I go to Amazon to try and buy this card. Trying to buy “SanDisk 32 GB micro SD” card is a disaster:

   1-24 of 39,273 results for Electronics : “SanDisk 32 GB micro SD card”

So instead I search for SDSDQUA-032G-A46A.  Nobody sells that part number! They sell part numbers close to it, and some merchants claim they sell a newer version.

So I try searching for that exact part number on your own site… and you don’t have it! does list the “SDSDQUA-032G” without all the extra numbers.  Do the extra numbers matter or not? Amazon vendors sell a dozen versions of this card part with -A46A, -032G, -A11A, etc. on the end. You need a prominent link on your site to a part number decoder.

Meanwhile while trying to figure out, I wind up at a page that lists half a dozen SanDisk lines beyond Ultra. Are Ultra Plus, Extreme, Extreme Plus, Extreme Ultra compatible with my current phone? To repeat, I want to insert this card in my next “super smart phone” and have a great experience on that as well.

You should seriously consider setting up a SanDisk store on Amazon fulfilled directly by Amazon (not a bunch of third-party shady vendors) that is a lot clearer about all the different kinds of cards. I’d pay $100 for a card if you can explain its features, why it’s better than other cards, reassure me that it’ll work in my current device, and make me feel that it’ll work even better in my next device than other cards.

I’ve ordered a “SDSDQUAN-032G-G4A [Newest Version]” despite not knowing what the extra ‘N’ or the 'G4A mean, “Ships from and sold by” for a mere $13. That’s an hour of my life I wish I could get back.

Sandisk part numbers are decoded like this  product-capacity-packaging  when ordering no real need to worry about the last part. this only dictates the languages on the packaging. 

the compatibility tool on the sandisk website shows what will work best with your host and not be overkill. Basically the standard cards are recommended as the phone you have will not take advantage of the cards with a faster speed. the other compatible cards are basically any other micro SD as they will work with the phone but you will not see the full speed of the card when used in that phone because the phone simply does not support the faster speed. standard cards are typically class 4 even though it is not listed in the picture. 

Sandisk uses a tired product map. The black cards are the standard cards. these are the cheapest and slowest cards. the next levels go like this






Extreme Pro

High Endurance (for survalance video recorders) 

All the info on the differences of the cards can be found on the sandisk website. 

hope it helps

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