** AVI Converting -Fails- for 'tscc decompresssor' AVI videos **


I have some small AVI files that were compressed by tscc decompresssor, and to view them on my Vista 64 box I had to use tscc decompresssor plugins for both the Win Media Player and the Win Quicktime player. Turns out this converts all the drivers required because all my media players (like HP-native ones) can now read and play these AVI videos fully. So I can run the AVIs fine on my PC… but not convert them with SMC to see on my Fuze, still…

I tried to use SMC to convert them for viewing on my 4Gb Fuze---- and as I said, that failed. Mostly I get a failure to convert box in SMC right off the bat, but of the 25 small (1/2 to 4 mb) AVI’s, one or two sometimes “convert”, but when I try to view them on my Fuze, they either lock the Fuze up hard, with a greyed out screen (requiring a long off/on toggle to regain control of the Fuze), or I get the notorious, ‘not a compatable format’ pink warning sign.

AVIs ARE compatible, and SMC _should_ be able to convert these with the right tscc decompresssor plugins on my computer… Or do I need to do something extra to SMC to see them? Or convert these to yet another format for SMC to “see”?? Some way to have them decompress first? Help!

Strange that this would be such a show stopper. Thanks for any advice!


Flagstaff, AZ

BTW - For grins I tried to next also convert it to MPEG, MP4, MOV, in all variety of sizes - and still, it will not convert in SMC… Well, I can PLAY _every_ file I _attempt_ to convert from SMC in the preview box at lower left… but cannot convert still… I also checked I have the latest version of SMC and firmware…

Paul Flagstaff AZ

Try running them through another converter before SMC. Most people have found this step necessary for success.