Automatic Updater e260 - Vista Home Premium

When I install the Automatic Updater for the e260 I get this :

Exception Processing Message 0xc000613 Parameters 0x75B892A0



Cancel - Try Again - Continue

and non of the choices work except Cancel… others just repeat the error message.

Any ideas?

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So no problem adding the new current updates. The MSC drive letters the e260 was

using had been H and I and when I started using the built in card reader it became

H. and so the e260 moved to I and J. Even uninstalling and re-installing the software

did not fix issue so the uninstall has to be leaving something in the resistry that

forces the error upon re-install.

What did work was using Disk Management to reset the e260 to H and I and put the

Card Reader at L. Then I reinstalled the AutoUpdater and all is well. This re-enforces

my belief that an uninstall does not remove all registry entries.