Automatic SD card Backup

Dear all,

I am here to ask you whether you have a solution that backs up your card automatically, and by automatically I mean “upon insertion”.  An automatic solution would allow me to backup the content of my SD card in a transparent way, and a further mirroring / synch server would provide even the most accomplished photographer with an “enterprise-grade” solution for backing up and storing photos. 

I believe there are different ways to achieve this, however the word transparent implies that the photographer may reformat the card without remembering to copy a script and autorun.inf file onto it.  The ideal solution then it would be in such a way that windows detects that particular SD card or cards and executes a differential backup onto a different location whether on a second disk or remotely in the background.  To do this you can attach a scheduled task with a specific event, namely the Insertion of the SD Card.  however  I have been unable to find the event in Windows 7 event log. 

I would really appreciate it if you could contribute in any way to this thread.  Feel free to enquire should you require further info.

Many Thanks