Automatic Launching of SecureAccess

I’ve got a 16 GB Sandisk Cruzer. It has SecureAccess, but it doesn’t launch it automatically, even though I created an autorun file. Somewhere I read that you need SecureAccess Manager to help with the launching. How do you get that Manager? I’ve been looking around on Sandisk’s website, with no success. Can anyone help me with that? I want a password prompting upon insertion. Thanks in advance.

P.S. And I miss the U3 that I have on a 2GB Cruzer. But I hear that Sandisk doesn’t put U3 on its flash drives any more. Fact is, the moment you insert it, it prompted you for a password. I’d love to have that function on my 16 GB.

the manager is an option to install during installation. there will be a checkbox that needs to be checked when you are configuring the app. uninstall secure access and redownload it using the link at the top of this board and make sure and check install secure access manager. note that it will only auto launch on computers with the manager installed. 

Thanks for your input, drlucky. However, I wiped my SanDisk, reinstalled the software on the flash drive, and still no manager.There is no such option being offered. What am I doing wrong?

it is there i promise. it is on the first screenright under the EULA checkbox . it says “Install SanDisk SecureAccess Manager”