Automatic compression of my images


I have a SanDisk Stick at 4.0.2 (64 GB). After transferring a few images to my stick, I noticed that the size had decreased from 1.5 MB to 750K. His there anyway to disable this compression?  

A slight change in file size on disk can be normal when moving a file between storage with different formatting and cluster size but a reduction of half if quite a lot. I have tested on my iPhone 5s and iPad mini and I am not seeing this file size reduction. 

Can you provide some more info? That will help us debug.

  • What is the exact model of phone or tablet you are using?
  • What is the OS version?
  • How are you transferring the pictures? Manual transfer? Auto backup?
  • Could you post exact steps you are taking when transferring the files?
  • Could you shoot a video of the issue and post a link?
  • Could you share some sample files before and after the transfer?
  • What is the source of the pictures? Were they shot on the host device or are they from some other source?
  • Do you have any other apps that have access to the camera roll? 

Any additional information you can provide will help us narrow down what may be causing the issue.