Auto shutoff on the Clip and Fuze if connected to PC and PC power goes off

I have heard stories of people who claimed they forgot a player is connected, turning off the pc, and later finding the player’s battery has drained. In some cases the player’s battery may have drained so low that the battery was permanently damaged. I am also curious if the players have an auto shutoff that will turn off the players while playing music before the battery gets so low as to permanently damage it.

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Perhaps a better idea is just to have the player go into the paused mode after disconnecting from the pc. I have not tried it myself, but was told that the player will leave the connected mode if it is connected and the pc is powered down(is this also true for the computers that still provide power to the USB ports even when they are off?). When in paused mode the player would turn itself off after a while based on the power saving setting.

I guess the battery depletion problem happens if someone connects the player to the pc while it is playing, then powers down the pc while the player is still connected, so the player reverts to playing music and runs down the battery.

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