Auto-scan for FM presets not working

My Sansa Clip 1GB will not perform the auto-scan for FM stations.  I go through the procedure, it scans for stations, but when it’s done, there are no preset stations.  Is this a common problem?


Inside a building your millage may vary.   Try outdoors.   Weak stations won’t be auto set.  You can add them manually.  I live in a location where it doesn’t work so well.


Thanks for your suggestion.  I went outside and tried it.  Unfortunately, the same results…it goes through the scanning exercise and I end up with an empty list of preset stations.  I have seen this feature work once, but every other time I’ve tried it, it fails!  BUMMER!!!

In all reality, it’s not all that important, since I can manually preset FM radio stations.  I am just perturbed that a “programmed feature” doesn’t perform as advertised.  I hope somebody has the answer to my problem.



Are you trying the autoscan with the headphones connected, and the headphone cord fully extended? The headphone cord is the FM antenna.

I am curious if the earphones are part of the antenna?    Does positioning the earphones cord have any improvement on the signal?

You answered my question before I even got my post finished ><     Thanks :slight_smile:

The reception is much better with the 10-foot cord of my HD201’s than with my other phones. However, the only 2 FM stations I listen to are both close enough that it’s irrelevant which 'phones I use, thankfully.

You’re a genius!!!  I tried the auto-scan with the headphones connected and…SHIZZAMM…it worked perfectly!

Thanks a million,


Thank you JK98, you’re a genius!  I tried the auto-scan with the headphones connected and…SHIZZAMM…it worked perfectly!!!

Thanks a million,