How can I make audiobooks that are in wma or mp3 format show up in the audiobook section instead of the music section?

Is there a way to separate my audiobooks from my music files?

Check this

I just tried both of those things, but it is still putting the files under music instead of audiobooks.

That should work, so maybe give us more step-by-step detail on how you’re doing it. (Are you ripping your own CDs, what software? Are you trying to “Sync” or copy using Windows Explorer, etc?  We may be better able to spot what’s going wrong.)

The Audiobook play/resume behavior is slightly different from Music so you want the book recognized as an audiobook, not just for the convenience of separating books from the Music list.

When you say the files are still under music after you changed the genre are you seeing them in the Music folder thru Windows Explorer?? Are you spelling Audiobooks correctly?? or are you not finding them under “audiobooks” on the player itself while NOT connected to the computer??