I have been trying to use netlibrary to listen to audiobooks but I can’t sync because it says I don’t have the license. I can play it on media player. There was somthing about it being a DRM WMA file. I went to and it says it supports DRM and WMA files. Has anyone tried to use this and how would I get it to work.

Hello Penlee07, Welcome to the SanDisk Sansa Community Forums!

Please ensure the player is in Auto Detect Mode by going to Settings > USB Mode > Auto Detect.  Then transfer the music using Windows Media Player 10 or 11.

Also, be sure that the following option is enabled in Windows Media Player. If you head to Tools, then Options, look for the “Privacy” tab, then see if the following option is enabled.

  • Download usage rights automatically when I play or sync a file

Also, where did you get this audiobook from?

When I put sansa on auto detect I get a message on my computer “found new hardware  MTP device” that keeps flashing up. I go to my computer to try to get to sansa but it isn’t there. It’s like sansa isn’t connected to the computer. When I opened Media Player to sync it says to connect a device.

When the player is connected to the computer.  Does it say Connected MTP? and then that goes away, and then repeats to Connected MTP?

If so, it sounds like its a USB power issue.  Please try connecting it to the rear USB port, and ensure that no other USB devices are connected, except for Mouse + Keyboard.

looks like MTP troubleshooting should be a sticky somewhere. Maybe you can try to add it manually through control panel? To do so we can go to start>control panel>add hardware.  From here we can just follow the on-screen instructions.

But like Baggage said, it seems to recognize it in MTP mode briefly and could be a power issue.

It could also be another USB device driver causing the device to stop responding in MTP mode.