AudioBooks vs. podcasts, what's the difference?

Hi Everybody?

Can someone point me in right direction, what is the difference between this two when you are using your Clip. I can’t find any…?

Thank You and have yourself very nice weekend! 


I believe the short answer is Audiobooks play tracks in logical order, and Podcasts play in reverse order (newest file first).

Long answer (it’s been a while since I did this, but I think this is what happened):

Since my Podcasts folder was empty, I thought I’d be smart and put all my “soundtracks” into Podcasts (like Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera - if I’m listening to that kind of stuff, I want it played in order straight through, don’t want it shuffled or mixed in with anything else).  All my other music could then be conveniently shuffled excluding my soundtracks - no playlist needed.   I believe my soundtracks played in exact reverse order (newest file first) from Podcasts - and last song first was not acceptable.  I then moved my soundtracks into Audiobooks so they will play in order (because I’m still too lazy to create playlists).