Audiobooks seriously broken

After years of clip+ & the original fuze I saw that there was now a sport. I hoped it would improve on the small issue with the clip: bigger screen, faster processing, faster boot and more battery life.

The first few hours were wonderfull. First updated the FW to the latest version 1.17. The screen was crisp, processing faster. The database processing was a lot quicker and booting a lot faster. But then the issues started.

Split database: The internal and external card are treated seperatly. Ok, can live with that if this was the only thing…

But Audiobooks are seriously broken. As this is the prime use for me I will have to return to my clip player.


I can only get 16 audiobooks show up in the audiobooks folder of the 20. The rest are there but do not show up. You have to go to the folders view to find them.

Podcasts idem. Only 9 show up while I have 21.

Podcasts are not sorted corectly seems to be a random order

Audiobooks idem.

My external card is 32GB. It has many more books. Surprise: same result only a few books show up under the card menu and sort order of the files is random. On what does this thing base the sort order. It surely is not tag nor the filename.

Was this thing ever tested?

I am very disapointed. Hoping for firmware upgrades otherwise I will have to return the unit.

Hi. With the original firmware version, before you updated it. What were the issues?