Audiobooks scrambled

In the past audio books have easily been dragged into the Zip Clip and appeared in order.  Lately though, when I drag a nice neat list of an audiobook’s tracks into the player, they appear on the PC as being just fine BUT when I look into the Zip Clip, they are (A) scrambled (B) very often duplicated in a sort of odd/even pattern, and © on a longish book, tracks are just missing. This makes it imposible to listen to any normal way. The music scamble feature is off.  I’m in chapter mode. On a  recent book when I look at it through “play all” it appeared as:  Part 15, 15, 13,13, 11, 11, 09, 09,07,07, 05,05,  03, 02, 01,01.  When I look at the samw book thru “albums” it appears as:  01,01 02, 03, 05, 05, 07, 07, 09, 09, 11, 11, 13,  13,  15,  15,  (this means  tracks 04,06, 08, 10, 12 are missing)

A separate issue – that I am not concerned about --is that although I drag audiobooks into the “audiobook” area of the Zip Clip, they always show up in the Music area.

Thanks for your help! MME

Are you using a PC or Mac?

Player in MTP or MSC Mode?