Audiobooks Podcast - Won't Resume without Pausing

I decided to try this player again.  I have been using it a few days and it seems that unless you pause your book or podcast, it will not resume where you left off.  This is a deal breaker for me.  I use it at bedtime and set the sleep timer to go off 20-30 minutes later.  Of course I am not awake to pause it, therefore resume does not work.   I have had Fuse, Clip and Clip+.   This is not how those players worked at all.   Why the change and will it be corrected in subsequent firmware updates?

Don’t know and doubt it.

Thanks for your reply.  Rockbox fix this problem?

Sorry, I wouldn’t know. I’ve never listened to any audio books, and therefore have never used the book-marking feature either in the OF or Rockbox. Maybe someone else will offer their knowledge and familarity with Rockbox on the subject.