Audiobooks Play Option

I just received my new Sansa Clip Plus, downloaded audiobooks to the proper file, and tried to play them. On the player menu THERE IS NO AUDIOBOOK OPTION. I have “Music,” “Settings,” “Voice,” “FM Radio,” and “sloRadio,” but no “Audiobooks” selection, even though there is an “Audiobooks” file on the disc, where I downloaded my files. I could understsnd if the files were unreadable, but why is  there not even a selection on the player menu?



I don’t have my Clip+ in front of me but if I recall correctly, Audiobooks is in the Music menu. Scroll down if you don’t see it on the first screen: there’s only so many lines that can be displayed on the minuscule screen.

You can also find the manual here. It’s in .pdf format so you can save it to your computer and read and refer back to it anytime. :wink:

Thanks. I found it.

 I have downloaded several audiobooks onto my player from my PC, and they are listed on the file as it appears there,  but when I try to find them on the player, they don’t show up. I thought at first that it was because they were in a format that SandisK doesn’t recognise, but when I checked, they were the same format as the ones that do show up. Also, I had downloaded them onto a microchip, so I thought that that might be the problem, but, again, some were recognised, and some weren’t. The same thing with whether the audiobooks were taken directly from the disc, or were taken from the internet (Youtube) All were the same format, all were shown in the file on the chip in the PC, but not all showed up on the chip when installed into the player.

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.