Audiobooks EQ fault and a few update suggestions

My update suggestions:


There are a few minor faults that I think could easily be fixed and would be very much welcomed.


There appears to be a direct link missing from Voice Recording to the EQ options.  If you are listening to ‘music’ a click of the bottom button gives you the option of entering the Music EQ settings and changing the EQ.  This is not available for Voice Recording and yet the EQ of a voice recording can be changed.  This is of course not the case for radio recordings.  The work around is very poor however requiring for example the stopping of the recording, the playing of a music track then the change of the EQ and then the resumption of the recording playback.  This is also poor because you cannot listen to the EQ changes whilst making you choice – one of the fantastic things that put the Sansa way ahead of the competition… Surely the addition of entering the EQ setting via a click of the bottom button would be a simple fix…  If not then at least the option via the main setting could be made available?


In fact this is not just a feature missing from Voice recording but also Radio recordings – and whilst I appreciate that you cannot change the EQ whilst listening the a broadcast – the EQ setting do work with recorded radio shows/music – Again a direct link to the EQ setting would be a great update.


There is a similar problem with Audiobooks and Podcasts.  Again the EQ can be changed for an audiobook and a podcast but this cannot be accessed directly from the listened to audiobook or podcast [page].  The work around here though is a bit better than for a recording as you can at least enter the Music EQ settings via the main/home settings button and change the EQ whilst listening to the book/podcast.  However, a direct link to the EQ option via a click of the bottom button would be a very much appreciated fix. 


Given the new status of Audiobooks and podcasts in the fuze – compared to the e200s [bookmarking/autoresume etc.] I wonder why these genres have not got their own home on the home menu – just a thought…   


Whilst on the subject of Audiobooks – one update that I would very much appreciate would be the addition of an additional [tag] page that shows an intial list of the author or artist [like that which is available in Music] …  Having come from the E200v2 Sansa I have got used to selecting Audiobooks from the music Genre option.  In my case I have a number of audiobook from the same author – Pullman, Rowling, Shakespeare etc. and selecting the author and then the desired audiobook has become quite desirable…  This would be similar to the Artist option now given under the general Music option.


With regard to auto-resume, whilst I appreciate that there is in the pipeline a proposed fix for the annoying problem of the automatic move to the resume position on automatic step from track to track, I think an excellent option would be the introduction of the automatic resumption to the last listened to position at the point of selecting the book (i.e. before selecting the relevant track or chapter].

Again as an E200 owner, one thing that is available on the e200s that I miss on the Fuze and would be nice to see on it would be the addition of the Scan-through-song option.  Seems to me that this should not be too hard to introduce as it’s already on the e200v2 – an ideal access point for this would be the centre button or maybe the lower button [much like the video brightness] However, for audiobooks this needs to operate for a sensible length of time i.e. at least 5 seconds before it goes back to the default setting.


Also for Audiobooks {and indeed Music tracks}, how about also introducing wrap-around here.  After passing from one chapter to the next on the e200 if you wanted to rewind a bit to say the last 3 minutes of the last chapter[track] you would just press the rewind button and back you would go.  On the Fuze this just stops at the beginning of the current track/chapter; to go back the last few minutes you have to go back to the beginning of the last chapter and fast-forward through the chapter, which is a trouble.  Not a big problem, but it would be nice to have the e200 rewind option on the fuze.


Finally, after all the trouble of putting Album art on the player it seems a shame that when you view this in its larger form, by pressing the centre button, you only get a slightly larger image [and smaller than on the e200s] due to all the other information still displayed.  Could this information not be suppressed and a larger image shown whilst the art is displayed – seems a shame to have a 1.9” screen and not make use it…  


Keep up the good work Sansa folks – it really is really appreciated. :smiley: