audiobook track order reversed

I took a 14 hour mp3 audiobook and split it up into 10 minute segments for ease of listening, but when I loaded it up onto the Fuse+ it reverses the track listing.  It plays the last segment first, and the first segment last.  I even checked it with mp3 tag and everything seems to check out with that program.  The only workaround seems to create a playlist in windows explorer, and play it from the music file.  Anyone else have similar problems and fixes?

I often got the problem on the old fuze, that the order was not correct. Have you tried to use numbers like “01”, “02”, “03” instead of “1”, “2”, “3”?

Are ID3v1 and ID3v2.3 given?

Can you give an example of the file names?



To get the order right you will have to retag the tracks 01, 02, or 001, 002 etc. depending on how many tracks you have.  The program Tag and Rename is a good one for these tasks.

I am also having this problem.  I download the books from the library to OverDrive Media.  It records properly on my PC.  Then I transfer it to my Sansa Fuze+, which then reverses the order.  When I view the Sansa Fuze audiobooks through either Window’s Media or through the Computer option on my computer the order is correct.  It is only when I go to play it that the order is either messed up by one disk or exactly reversed.  So I cannot fix it through renaming (its protected) or through rearranging on my computer.  So why does it transfer incorrectly?

Because the tags were filled in wrong (or not checked) by someone at the library who uploaded or posted it to the OverDrive server.

I just had this happen to me on a couple of books I downloaded.  They looked ok in  WMP.  On my player in the music section they were in reverse order.    With on I change he genre to Podcast in WMP and resynced.  The oder was good.  I switch it back to music and resynced.  It was back to reverse order.  I synced to a second player and got the same order. 

I have not determined the cause.  

The easy solution is to change the genre of audiobooks to Podcast.  I normally do this to all of my books.  I may have many more books with this defect.

This problem  is not about bad or poorly written tags or track numbers.  

This book is in the public domain.  If anyone needs an example to work with. 

The library does not tag the audiobooks wrong - something happens in the transfer from computer to sansa fuse.  How can the File name Guardians of the West - part 13  get the tag number of 1?  Guardians of the West - part 12, gets the tag number of 2, part 11, gets 3?  It appears that multiple people have this problem.  This has happened with 8 out of the last ten books I downloaded from the library ebook service.  I use the library’s program Overdrive Media console to download and transfer the books.  And please don’t tell me it is an unusual program, because I just went on a library service, halfway across the country and they used the same program.

I have seen that people change the book to podcast - how do you do that with a library book - I can’t change the title or tag.

If the book is on your player, using Windows Media Player with sync tab highlighted , you can drag the book into the sync area on the right.  This will give the option to copy from player.  One the book has been copied into WMP, you can change the genre to Podcast.  I would the delete the book froim your player and then copy it back using the sync function.