Audiobook takes 10-15 seconds to start

When I scroll forward or backward, it takes 10-15 seconds for the audiobook to start.  It used to take a couple of seconds.

This happens if your disk is formatted with small clusters (Which Windows XP will do).

Try reformatting using the devices Format command and reload the books.

Search the forum on the cluster size topic.

Yes, better.  To do this, in Windows Explorer, right click on SanDisk Sansa Clip and select format.  Pretty click.  You lose everything, inlcuding subdirectories such as music, podcasts and audiobooks.  I then selected Sansa Updater, and it updated my system to 2.01.32.  That restored my subdirectories.  I copied an audiobook over using Windows Explorer into the audiobook subdirectory.  When I removed the clip, I didn’t see the audiobook subdirectory.  I had to reconnect it to the computer and remove it again to see the audiobook subdirectory and the file I downloaded.  Starts up more quickly now.  When I back up and play it plays nearly immediately. So that is good.

The device was not restarting where I left off previously.  I will see if the problem is also corrected.

How often does one have to reformat?