Audiobook Sorting Fix ??? Sansa Fuze+ Firmware 02.38.06

I have not been able to see that audio books sorting has changed.    If someone has seen a change, please tell me what has changed.

It still seem that this audiobook section is designed for a type of book I do not have.  I have been asking for a response that someone is using the audiobook now,-- as is.   I use the podcast section to play books.  If there is a way to make use of the audio book section, please tell me how.   Where can I get the audiobooks that this section was designed to play.

Thinking on my own, I have come to conclude that the audiobook section is only good for one book at a time.  That is the kind of books I have been able to download for free.   One drawback is that you share book marks with the Podcast section.   This section is not worth fixing.  

It seems the intent was to use podcast section for audiobooks.  The current audiobook section was added just to say there is an audiobook section.  

I listen to audio books 90 to 120 minutes, 6 days a week.  The podcast section works for audiobooks and this section has speed control.  

My point is this, no minor fixes should be done to the audiobook section.