Audiobook recording sequence on Fuze

I download Audio books via Overdrive from my local library.  On my Sansa M230, I can play them back from start to finish through all files of the book, without any interference on my part.  I recently purchased a new FUZE.  It  stores the book files in reverse order (Last file recorded is at the top of the list, and works down through the numbers to Part one.  At the end of every part, I have to go look for the part I want to hear, and start again.  What am I doing wrong?  I have not had this problem with my earlier Sansa nor my old Creative Muvo.  Any advice (in English words of one syllable, please) will be appreciated.  I am very old and very slow on the uptake.  I believe that I can change the sequence in Windows Media Player, but I like the convenience that Overdrive provides.


I don’t know what Overdrive is. Are you putting the books in the audiobooks folder or in the podcast folder? In the audiobooks folder they should play from first to last. In the podcast folder they play from last to first.

In Overdrive, before you transfer,  redirect the files to the Audiobooks folder.  it should work fine from there

thanks.  How do I go about putting them in the audiobook folder?

I am really dense.  How do I go about doing this?

If they  are on your pc, just open windows explorer(right click on start then click on explore) while your player is connected to the pc in MSC mode, then just find the folder of files in windows explorer, right click on it and click on copy, then open the player in windows explorer, right click on the audiobooks folder, and click on paste.

In Overdrive,  just before you transfer,  see the advanced options,  there you can specify the path to the device. Replace Music with Audiobooks.

sansafix VIP:

Thanks.  Two books successfully loaded in proper sequence in Audiobook file.


Hi all,

Shouldn’t audiobook DOWNLOADS be places in the Audibles folder instead of the Audiobook one? Or will the ebooks from services such as Overdrive function correctly in either?


Audibles folder is for content from

Other Audiobooks should be placed in the Audiobooks folder.

If the Genre tag for the content is set to “Audiobook”  then it does not matter where the file is placed,  it will show up under the Audiobooks on the player.

thanks sansafix.